“A Beauty That the Eye Can’t See” by Alexis Rodriguez

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  • Years have come and years have gone
  • and some still wake before the dawn,
  • in prison cells so all alone
  • reaping what their lives have sown.
  • Friends have come and they will leave
  • and I seek one who will cleave,
  • to my side becoming one
  • and there reside till all said and done.
  • Family seems to have forgotten
  • and just remember actions rotten,
  • perhaps this is my fate and lot
  • I am their blemish and their blot.
  • What must I do to be redeemed?
  • Will my buyer say,”come clean”?
  • What about all things unseen?
  • Do they know just where I’ve been?
  • Or will He say, I’ve felt your pain
  • you’ve had much losses, not much gain,
  • I will make things “right as rain”
  • and bring you to myself again.
  • I’ve seen your steps the many and few
  • in gaining ground and setbacks too
  • and one thing that I love in you
  • your relentlessness in getting through
  • In recognition of your might
  • and weakness in taking flight
  • learning from retreats to fight
  • when and where, at day or night
  • In your strength you gave some way
  • but in my strength you always stayed,
  • mostly when you were afraid
  • I made my strength in you not fade.
  • I have purchased you in time
  • to some there is no reason nor rhyme.
  • I’ve heard your cry, my ear inclined
  • and I’ve said, Oh what a find!
  • A jewel by pressure solidified
  • polished to the outside eyes
  • but to me you’ll always be
  • a beauty that the eye can’t see.
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  • SCI Dallas,
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