A Boost From Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

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I am not much of a swimmer, but I do understand “When I pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they will not overflow you.” I am a bit of a jogger and I did run from God practically all my young life. Jogging is usually a solitary art and I do it sometimes to teach my body and put it into subjection. Sure “physical exercise is good, but godliness is profitable in all things”… So it does matter to me if I’m traveling by boat who is in the boat with me and I had to learn that Jesus is now with me. He truly is the Captain of my soul, and I must consent to his steering, especially the controlling of my emotions. Yes, the fires of suffering my be turned up against me, ” but I will not bed scorched, nor will the flames burn me”. Amen.
I may not have optimal responses due to the fact that I think I cannot survive certain environments, but I must continually “encourage myself as David did” even when other’s views may be negative. See it’s not a matter of negativity or positivism, but a matter of truth or lies, evil of good. Some have a positive attitude but will ultimately go down with the ship. Others have a good perspective of life concerning moral conduct, but have no spiritual collateral. Some seem to always make the wrong choices but have “a heart after God”. These say, I will not, but ultimately come around to repentance. The former say, “I will” but with ulterior motives governed by selfishness. My personal prayer has become, “Lord guide me and I will go, show me and help me to see, teach me and I will learn”. Amen.
I want to encourage everyone who has been swimming, running or currently under the fire of suffering. You are on the brink of reaching your blessed destination, the health you desire, the person you’ve asked the Lord to provide. DO NOT GIVE UP! Look “unto the hills” your Help is coming. He is The Lord, Creator of heaven and earth. BE READY to receive and accept freely! God’s grace is here.

You may write to Alexis (Lex) Rodriguez at the following address–he would love to hear from you!

  • Smart Communications / PADOC, 
  • Alexis Rodriguez / BH6734
  • SCI Dallas,
  • PO Box 33028,
  • ST Petersburg FL 33733


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