A Brother’s Plea for Alexis Rodriguez

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On May 21, 1989 my brother was arrested along with Juan G. (a juvenile) for his alleged involvement in a fight which resulted in the death of Sean D. a Philadelphia police officer’s son.  The Philadelphia police arrested many young men from the community, including the innocent. It was said during the trial that my brother Alexís Rodríguez had no intention to kill, did not possess a fire arm nor had any knowledge of that fact.

As a matter of fact my brother’s Miranda rights were violated by Detectives Martin Devlin who was lead investigator and Detective Frank McGourik at 8th and Race “Round House” in Philadelphia when my brother and Juan G. were to give a supposed alibi for Rafael D., who previously got jumped in Port Richmond area.

Eventually nine (9) young men were charged with three (A.S., M.R., and D.S.) taking pleas testifying against the others. Ultimately five young men (Alexís Rodríguez, R.D., J.S., J.G. and J.M.) received life without parole sentences, which is “Death by Incarceration” in Pennsylvania.

Two of the five “lifers” were juveniles and were released by the Supreme Court’s decision in Miller V. Alabama where a juvenile was classified as anyone 17 yrs or younger. My brother was arrested, arraigned, tried and found guilty along with his juvenile counterparts. YET, BECAUSE HE WAS 18 YRS OLD AT THE TIME HE IS LEFT IN PRISON AND CONDEMNED TO DIE.

He has been in prison for 31 yrs and now due to the Covid 19 crisis may die along with other inmates. He was found guilty due to “erroneous jury instructions” given by then Judge Lynn Abraham who later became District Attorney. She stated, “if you find one guilty, you must find them all guilty”.  My brother is factually innocent and did not kill anyone. He was abandoned after trial and currently is “time-barred” from the courts.


Editor’s Note: The full transcript of the above letter is available for review by competent legal counsel.  Names have been redacted for privacy concerns according to the standards we use for publishing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

If you or anyone you know is willing to help bring  justice that is
long overdue for Alexis Rodriguez, Please contact the editor, Rick DiLaurenzo:

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