A Christmas Message From a Juvenile Lifer

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Greetings to all the mentors at Prisonmentoring.com. Thank you for your efforts during the Christmas time and may it continue throughout the year. Look at one another in the light of the Messiah that has come. Yes that little human being born in a stable surrounded by animals, is the Son of THE MOST HIGH. Mary’s little lamb is the Lamb of GOD, the Ruler of all creation, the Second Adam, perfect and spotless.

I am inspired by the words of the men who encourage me continually. I pray for each son missing his mother every mother who believes she’s lost her son. I pray for every sister that cries for her brother missing all the teasing and laughter.

I want to praise God for men like my brother Rick DiLaurenzo, strangers with the spirit of the “good Samaritan”, men who go beyond SAYING I love you, but SHOWING how truly the love of God works. To the wives of men like him, who are no wilting flowers and are the joyous fuel which keep them going.

Prisonmentoring.com family, may you all have a blessed New Year and hopefully soon I will be able to visit YOU. Have the pie and coffee ready!

Your Brother in The Lord


Alexis Rodriguez,  BH 6734

1000 Follies Rd.

Dallas, Pa. 18612

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It has been my privilege to be a Mentor (Friend) to Lex, a relationship which started me on the spiritual journey that is www.PrisonMentoring.com  Lex has given me much spiritual joy and appreciation of life; and here I thought that I was doing this to help him!  He is so appreciative of our relationship, and he is a delight when my wife and I visit him!  Hopefully, you too will experience the “spiritual juice” that comes from befriending a Christian behind bars!  For more information or for help in getting started, just send me an email: Rick@Prisonmentoring.com  and I will be happy to share experiences and advice!

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