A Mentor’s Miracle! by Rick DiLaurenzo

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I have been blessed with a Miracle!  There is no other explanation! It happened like this… About three years ago, a routine blood test revealed that my kidney function was becoming weaker with each annual  testing, and it had  now faltered to the level of “CKD” (Chronic Kidney Disease).  I had been seeing a nephrologist (kidney specialist) for a few years, and now we were sure that my kidneys were on a downward path.

But the nephrologist told me, “Don’t worry, Rick, your test results are at 48% and anything in the 40% to 50% range is typically stable and could stay that way for many years.”  Six months later, the next text showed that they had dropped to 42%…still in the stable range, but dropping…so he sent me to a nutritionist for advice on a low protein diet…but he explained that dietary changes could slow the progression of the disease–but that’s all it can do.  Kidney tissue that dies does not have the ability to regenerate like liver tissue; what’s lost is lost, we can only hope to slow it down…so I cut my protein intake down to the prescribed levels…

But, two blood tests later, the kidney function dropped again–this time all the way down to 32% (in the 30’s is unstable).  I asked my fellow Christians to pray for my kidney health–that they would again become stable.  My friend, Vincent Franklin, and the members of the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA (SCI Dallas) prayer committee went into action and held me up in prayer–meeting after meeting, letting me know that they were beseeching the Lord for my kidney health.  My personal prayers were that I would receive the best advice to keep my kidneys as long as possible, and that they would remain stable, even if low function, for many years, so that I would avoid dialysis and stay strong.

Then something unique happened.  My physical trainer and exercise physiologist, Adam, came to me with an important message, “Rick, you need to become a vegetarian”  I explained that the well renowned kidney specialist told me that diet can’t cure the problem–but Adam did something that he never has done before in the five years that I have known him professionally and as a friend…He insisted, “with fire in his eyes” that I had to make this change, based on a book that indicated a plant and grain based diet could help.  I told my wife that we prayed for the right advice and that, perhaps, this advice may help me become stable, so I became a vegetarian.

About that time, I experienced something else that was unique.  We were finishing our weekly small group bible fellowship, and one of our group, Chris, suggested to all present that they lay their hands upon me and ask God to restore my kidney health.  This was a real “first” for me; I had heard about the laying of hands in prayer, but had never experienced it!  I was truly moved by the love I felt and I had tears in my eyes when we finished.  I thanked everyone, but that warmth stayed with me all evening and my wife and I talked about it quite a bit when we got home. In fact, it was hard to stop thinking about it to watch television!

About three weeks later, I was due for a blood test, and one of my mentees, Jose, called me from prison to tell me the good news of his impending release.  He also told me that when he was praying for me, he received a message that I would receive “good news” on my kidney health in the very near future.  I explained to him that I just had another test and was awaiting the results–but that I could only hope for stability.  He said again, “You are not hearing me, Rick, I have a message for you that you will receive healing for your kidneys.  Well, three days later, I got a call from the nephrologist’s nurse telling me that my kidney function had improved from 32% to 42%, and the doctor was very surprised, saying that just doesn’t happen… and that my kidneys were now back in the stable range!

So I excitedly told my Christian friends, and especially Jose,  the good news of my newfound stability, praising God for this blessing.  Surprisingly, Jose told me, “That’s great, Rick, but as I told you, you will receive full healing of your kidneys; just wait.”   Still, I told Jose that I was full of gratitude for this blessing and couldn’t ask for or expect more…the Lord had shown me His almighty power!

Six months later, I had another test and awaited the results.  When I went to the post office and picked up the envelope from the testing lab, I began to worry that my previous results were a fluke; only a temporary reprieve.  In fact, I opened all of the other mail first, paid the bills and filed the other paperwork related to my work…all the time, staring at that envelope, afraid to open it.  Finally, having no further excuse, I opened it.

I had to read the results twice to believe them!  My kidney function had now improved even further, from 42% to over 55%, which is almost fully normal!  And, to top it off, my creatinine level, the other very important indicator, which had started out way too high at  2.29 had dropped to 1.30 which is the upper limit of normal!  That’s right…NORMAL!  Now tears really streamed down my face.  Now there was no way that anyone could deny it; I had been blessed with a miracle!  There is no medical explanation; remember, the nephrologist said that dead kidney tissue cannot regenerate like the liver can–it’s a medical impossibility!  All praise and glory to almighty God … who made the impossible happen in my life! Amen.

With a shout of praise to almighty God,

Rick DiLaurenzo, Founder and Editor, www.PrisonMentoring.com






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