A Stranger’s Eyes, by Robert Zukowski

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Into a mirror I did see
A stranger’s eyes staring back at me.
I notice he looks a lot like me.
His bloodshot eyes and a droopy head,
He looks to me like a man who is dead.
It’s then I noticed how he stank,
I pinched my nose as he smelled so rank.

Empty bottles lay all around,
While he stares at me but makes no sound.
He looks a mess which made me cringe.
I think he’s on a drinking binge.
His family’s running for the hills
While he just laughs and snorts his thrills.
He doesn’t care about the rent,
So on drugs and booze his money’s spent.

His only wish is just to die,
In his drunken state he just won’t try.
And then one day the law steps in
To arrest him for his life of sin.
Pleading guilty he’s sent away,
To some prison where he’ll have to stay.
He sees the pain he caused in life,
To both his children and loving wife.

In his sorrow he seeks a way,
A sober life to attain one day.
In his recovery he did find
A merciful God who’s always kind.
His mercy is a wondrous thing,
As peace of mind it will always bring.
God will give you a brand-new start
If you repent and humble your heart.
For in those stranger’s eyes I see:
Oh my God, that stranger is me!!!

by Robert Zukowski:

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