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Rick at piano
Hi, I’m Rick DiLaurenzo, and thanks for visiting “Prison”.  I am  sharing my journey in prison mentoring with you,  hoping that it encourages you to consider reaching out to a fellow Christian behind bars, or, perhaps, to a recently released Christian in need of fellowship on his new journey in society.

Sending Christmas cards and birthday cards to incarcerated Christians (click on special programs tab) are great ways to help! These acts of kindness are really appreciated by the inmates; they often tape your cards to their cell walls and read your encouraging message many times over.  It is proof positive that they are not forgotten by God!

I am learning every day about God’s  love for all of His children, especially as I see the powerful work of the Holy Spirit transforming the lives of these “invisible Christians”.  I am humbled and so grateful for this experience; it is encouraging me to reach out to you from these pages…

I have learned that one person’s kindness and caring can make a big difference in another Christian’s life.  Most of all, it has made a big difference in my life.

I am open to your ideas and comments, and look forward to each new week on this journey…


Rick DiLaurenzo