After Years of Faking It, by Larry Kemp

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I am originally from Portland, Oregon, but I moved to the Philadelphia area in 1993.    My parents were living in south Jersey, and they asked me to move back East.  I had just come through a break-up with my ex-wife.

Much has happened since then.  My dad went to be with the Lord just last year.  My Mom is in poor physical condition, and is living with my little sister.   I pray that God will allow me to be released before she goes on to be with the Lord, dad, and other family members who are there.  If not, I will see them again in Heaven.

I was brought up by parents that loved the Lord and tried to teach us kids the truth of His Word. I made several professions of faith through the years, only to turn back to a self-centered way of life.  I could play the game as good as anyone I knew. I even played in a worship band for many years.  I had a head knowledge of Christ as Savior, but it never translated to a true repentant heart.

After years of faking it, as I call it, God allowed me to be overrun by my sinfulness.  Finally, at some point He reached me and turned me from my sin to true repentance.   Losing the affection of loved ones and family hasn’t been easy, but gaining Christ and eternal life far exceeds anything I could have attained here on earth, including relationships.

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