Alexis Rodriguez–A Brother’s Plea for Mercy!

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As the waves crash day in day out, smashing away the faith, hope, in the life of the convicted fellow’s loved ones… Grief you claim is only for the deceased, but what about the torture of knowing that my brother, mi hermano, my dearest sweetest, most kind hearted man I have ever known, is rotting away in prison. Who is this person, you ask? Alexis Rodriguez, I exclaim in a loud roar!  Can anyone hear me?  My name is Ezekiel Rodriguez.  I struggle everyday with the knowledge that my hands are cuffed behind my back.  I’m being raised off the floor by the laws that have been, and are incarcerating young people to serve life sentences without parole, for crimes that occurred before their brain has even fully developed to understand the consequences.

I am never going to say that the crime didn’t occur or that people don’t need to take responsibility… but to destroy whole communities on the basis that one young person’s life was tragically taken doesn’t justify mass incarceration of youth, whose lives are considered less worthy to live by social economic differences.

Just because I can’t afford the top criminal defense team in the City of Philadelphia doesn’t mean I should now be sentenced to life without the possibilty of parole. I am in limbo, I am in purgatory, I am the family member of a convicted murderer, or am I a child of the most high.   I am more than a conquerer, I am victorious, I am my brothers keeper, Alexis Rodriguez.  I am that I am.

I plead Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!  I continue to claim that my brother deserves to be released from the Dallas, Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution.  In Jesus Mighty name Amen!

You can write letters of support to: Alexis Rodriguez, BH6734, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Rd. Dallas, PA 18612

by: Ezekiel Rodriguez (loving brother of Alexis Rodriguez)

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I have corresponded with and known Alexis Rodriguez for over 3 years, and have personally visited him more than a dozen times.  He is a very kind-hearted, caring and intelligent man, who has more than paid for his crime as a juvenile at the age of 18.  After 26 years in prison, how much more punishment does he really deserve?  He has been a model prisoner, serves on the Christian Missions Board, and gives almost all of his meager salary to Children’s Charities.  Please join with me and his loving family, and pray for his release from SCI Dallas Prison.  (Thank You!  Rick DiLaurenzo)

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