Alive Forevermore, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Like a new born opening its lungs, drawing in the initial breath

or Lazarus wondering, how, when called, he overcame death.

Like the egg and the sperm on convergent course

inevitability, when set out from each source.

I’ve been gone for far too long

and still there are some who continually wave, “So long”

but what will they do when the lost son comes home?

Mamma said; I’ll hang a banner on the porch.

But I recoiled at the fanfare and an “I’d love that” I forced.

The truth is I’d rather return as quiet as I can

I’m sure this to the public some just won’t understand.

Yet a voice within says, “I’ve readied the fatted calf”

for the life that you have now you will never outlast.

“My son that was dead is alive forevermore”

I responded, thank you Father I don’t deserve what’s in store.

He said, “I know you don’t deserve it, consider it a gift

that’s why I ran to you and sealed it with My kisses.

Nothing will separate you from My love,

nothing on earth or beneath or nothing above.

You are reborn by My incorruptible seed

let us make merry, have a feast, begin the festivities.

Begin where you are, let the joy overflow

this is purely by faith, not of what you know.”

Long before I ever knew my worth

way before the date of my birth,

a sequence was set, a plan so masterly

to redeem and to save before the Word said; “Be.”

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