“Amazing Love”, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Amazing love

(Set to the tune of “Amazing Grace”)

Amazing love, how sweet the taste,

that set this prisoner free.

When once in chains, oh how that changed,

when set at liberty.


What can we say, for God doth sway,

our hearts, our mouths, our tongues.

by grace through faith we do belong

to Him and Him alone


Who or what can separate

us from the love of Christ?

He did redeem, was also raised

there three days and three nights.


Not death nor life nor present things

Nor things that are to come…

who can oppose, none can condemn

for we are with Him one.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  The lyrics in this poem were written by a good friend of mine, Alexis Rodriguez, a 47 year old man who was sentenced to Life without parole when he was only 18 years old, prior to the Supreme Court ruling that has now made such sentences illegal for juveniles.  He has been in prison for 29 years because he was involved in a felony–even though he didn’t hurt anyone, he was with the man who did commit the crime. Alexis is a kind-hearted man who donates much of his meager prison wages as a plumber for children’s charities. and he has been a deacon on the Christian Missions Board at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, in Pa.

He is one of many that were sentenced prior to the more recent Supreme Court ruling, who truly deserves a second chance at life.  After 29 years, he has paid a terrible price for his mistake as a youth. If you would like to write to him to send him a letter of encouragement or fellowship, his address is:

Alexis Rodriguez BH6734, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Road, Dallas, PA 18612



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