An Inmate Speaks About Fathers

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During these times, I’m reminded of my father who passed away several years ago, and my grandfather who raised me. I am thoroughly moved by the thought of men who have formed me as hammers, and protected me as hedges. My father died from complication with his liver, due to his addiction to alcohol, and Papa with diabetes. I dream of laying at their grave site, on the same dirt which now covers them, as we hold a conversation.

Lex Rodriguez 1200 sizeJune 2016

They have gone before me, but it’s important for me to realize that my dreams are still alive and well, being yet in the realm of possibility. I have no children of my own, but Lord knows how I desire a family. So I take this time to honor the men in my life. The educators. The bosses. The cooperators. The competitors. The young men who have grown beside me, to challenge me. The adult men who held me accountable by the very act of demonstrative responsibility. My brothers, who are the epitome of what a man should be.

Man is not simply a male, nor just masculine; he is so much more. Man has princely power. He has knowledge as a king. He loves like a leader, and lets love lead. I honor all the men in my life. The MENtors I willingly submit to in hopes to be a little bit more like them. The PRAYers and the DOers. Onwards and upwards. Sincerely – your grandson, son, brother and friend,

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