Attachment, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Have you ever eaten at a fancy five-star restaurant, perhaps after hearing or being informed of its reception, service and food? How about trying something your best friend or family has said, “You have to try this”!

If these experiences have not met your expectations, maybe they are unrealistic. Maybe the experience will never bring the excitement or happiness that it has for someone else.

Are you clinging to a belief that something, someone,  or someplace will bring happiness or contentment? As Westerners we are taught to pursue happiness. That will never bring true freedom.

Instead, say, “I am happy” and accept that you are! Everywhere you go, happiness is there. No need to search for happiness in some place outside yourself.

We laugh at the experiment with the monkey–where the nut is presented through a hole just big enough to put an arm and grasped with a clenched fist. Yet when given the opportunity to release the nut and with it ourselves, we decide to leave the hand closed and so goes our freedom.  Not so funny!

We are captured and enslaved by our attachments. Previous bad decisions, broken relationships, unresolved emotions where normally we need another “to find closure”. These are attachments.

Don’t let these emotional states drain you, drop them, open your hand and be free. Learn to receive without the need to repay or be used by someone who tells you, “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.

How about an image of perfection, or your idea of love? You have created totems which must be destroyed. Even your idea of obedience or submission which you do simply to appease the order of things to appear compliant.

If you are unsatisfied, resentful, easily angered, those are attachments. If you can’t have a conversation without arguing or needing to win, you’re attached. Enjoy your job without the heaviness of work. Laugh with family and be at peace with everyone if possible.

True victory can be yours if you are not the victim of your own attachments! Go ahead, and enjoy true freedom–it is your choice!

by Alexis Rodriguez

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