Audacious, by Alexis Rodriguez

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The audacity of God

that He would save

a sinner such as I!

“Son of David

have mercy on me!”

Was my continuous cry.

“Shut up” they say,

but here’s my chance

I hear’em passing by.

I hope His boldness

equals mine

for I’m willing today to die.

Then, as if He knew my thoughts

to me He did incline.

The Healer and the sickened one

each other now did find.

The heart that did the crying

the Healer that did hear

came close enough to whisper

“my son, please do not fear”.

Many have restrained you

forbidding, classifying

pushed you to the edge

but its there that we now find

each other, One that has

the other who’s in need

my Father’s heard your case

for you I did so plead.

Its for you that I will die

for such I will soon bleed.

Taking now what is for all

your faith attracted me.

I am acquainted with your grief

for this I say, Now see.

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