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Christmas and Birthday Cards for Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

Simple gestures of Christian Fellowship can mean so much to believers in prison. Just receiving an encouraging note or card from a fellow Christian can bring

The Grave Robber, by Alexis Rodriguez

Greed steals the life of it’s possessor, and the grave is greediest of all. It steals it’s own and what’s yours. Generosity on the other hand

What Does Consistency Look Like to You? by Willie Gooding

Growing up the way the I did in an impoverished neighborhood with five siblings and two parents in my household (until the death of my father

A Boost From Grace, by Alexis Rodriguez

I am not much of a swimmer, but I do understand “When I pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers,

God Sends Friends, by Alexis Rodriguez

I want to thank you, so many of you, for supporting me during these years of need. I have no faces to place on so many

Why Not Religion, by Christopher Conchado

Why is it that when the word religion is mentioned contention arises? Is there a subject that breeds more animosity and strife than religion? Well politics