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Happy Mothers Day, by Wayne P. Johnson

Dear Momma I never meant to break your heart By hangin’ out in the dark And I know I should have known better Because you always

A Brother’s Plea for Alexis Rodriguez

On May 21, 1989 my brother was arrested along with Juan G. (a juvenile) for his alleged involvement in a fight which resulted in the death

Attachment, by Alexis Rodriguez

Have you ever eaten at a fancy five-star restaurant, perhaps after hearing or being informed of its reception, service and food? How about trying something your

Take Time Out, by Jason M. Startzman

As we close in upon this holiday season, While everyone is busy running here and there…   Chaotically making plans, balancing time to be spent with

Life, by Alexis Rodriguez

What would you do if you saw life pass you by? Would you chase her, or wait for the day that you’ll again see each other?

Despite Fear, We Still Move Forward in Christ, by Willie J. Gooding

My name is Willie J. Gooding and as a believer confined in the State of Pennsylvania, my faith, like many men and women in my predicament