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Revelation, by Carmella

Little girl, two years old, locked in a dark room with another man Who’s supposed to be dad. She cries but don’t no one care.  

My Testimony, by Robert Z.

In here the battle of my mind not only has to deal with my spiritual and moral battle, but it has to fight the urge of

Our Place and Privileges, by Alexis Rodriguez

I will not submit to lifelong misfortune being hounded by wrong thinking. I’ve decided to accept my legal standing before God through the finished works of

Sunday, by Alexis Rodriguez

  Is it going to be any better today, Sunday? The day every good Christian is up earlier than most to attend their weekly service. A

Benumbed, by Alexis Rodriguez

Today I’m sitting beside myself after asking, “Can I come in?” I don’t want to be loved widely… but wildly by just one person, I say.

A Stranger’s Eyes, by Robert Zukowski

Into a mirror I did see A stranger’s eyes staring back at me. I notice he looks a lot like me. His bloodshot eyes and a