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Birthday card

You can bring encouragement and Christian fellowship to an inmate who would be so happy to receive a Birthday Card from you.  Knowing that fellow Christians are caring about them can bring light into their lives, and remind them that God loves us all!  May God bless you for kindness!


Please Note:  New 2018 Rules for Pennsylvania inmate mail require that we use this exact format and information when sending personal mail to a Pennsylvania inmate:

Smart Communications/PA DOC
SCI Name
Inmate Name/DOC#
PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733

1...The information you need for lines 2 and 3 are: the SCI Name, Inmate Name and DOC #, which you can find in the table below. (For more information see:

2…Do not send any cash or objects of any kind, USE A PLAIN WHITE ENVELOPE ONLY! 

3…You must place a return address on the top left of the envelope.  If you prefer, you may use the ministry return address: Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927, and, you may use the “Contact us” button on the Home page to leave a message containing your Email or postal address and the inmate’s name,  so that we can forward any replies to you.  You may not receive replies, but be assured that your kindness and encouragement mean a lot to our Christian brothers and sisters behind bars!

4…If you wish to add someone to the list, use “Contact Us” button on home page with: Birthdate, Name, DOC#, Address, and your email address for verification.

You can bring encouragement and Christian fellowship to an inmate who would be so happy to receive a Birthday Card from you.  Knowing that fellow Christians are caring about them can bring light into their lives, and remind them that God loves us all!  May God bless you for Your kindness!


Inmate List for Males:

Birthday First Last DOC# Address
Jan--02 Michael Arnold NT9618 SCI Benner
Jan--06 Thelbert Lewis AY8812 SCI Dallas
Jan---07 Byron Turton CY9708 SCI Dallas
Jan--11 Joseph Bezanis NR3311 SCI Mahanoy
Jan--13 Tyrell Hart KL9763 SCI Dallas
Jan--14 Michael Golden NL5164 SCI Rockview
Jan--19 Julio Bonilla JW1561 SCI Dallas
Jan--20 Franklin Paulano DQ9211 SCI Dallas
Feb--05 Carlos Carmichael GS6516 SCI Dallas
Feb--06 Edward Lusch AS1848 SCI Retreat
Feb--06 Angel Vasquez-Diaz LE5194 SCI Dallas
Feb--13 Kevin Sanders BB2037 SCI Dallas
Feb--15 Jesus Garcia BU5277 SCI Dallas
Feb--21 Nashir Fisher JG2966 SCI Dallas
Feb--21 Gary Beck FT6994 SCI Somerset
Feb--21 Stephen Wood GN7077 SCI Forest
Feb--22 Harry Jefferis AF9517 SCI Dallas
Feb--24 Russel Selby AY8328 SCI Dallas
Mar--03 Walter Smith AM9408 SCI Dallas
Mar--08 Bryson Harris LV8554 SCI Rockview
Mar--10 Robert Zukowski GH7444 SCI Benner
Mar--14 Derrell Savage GZ1051 SCI Dallas
Mar--16 Carlton Ayers NJ9016 SCI Dallas
Mar--24 Angel Garcia NG8120 SCI Benner
Mar--28 Luis Morales NH9021 SCI Dallas
Mar--29 Maximino Perez AM6662 SCI Dallas
Apr--03 Antonio Little DP7456 SCI Benner
Apr--03 Anthony Faust NN0035 SCI Chester
Apr--04 Isidoro Perez BC6933 SCI Dallas
Apr--04 Sean Nagle MU8392 ACI Benner
Apr--17 Thomas Strobe HL8862 SCI Dallas
Apr--22 Michael Lawrence HQ6061 SCI Dallas
Apr--24 Terry Fry KQ9360 SCI Albion
Apr--28 David Ludwig GR6289 SCI Dallas
May--06 Shaleem Burns KP4986 SCI Dallas
May--11 Jimmy Martuscelli KF4061 SCI Waymart
May--12 Derek Jones BH6206 SCI Dallas
May--15 John Potero 75575-066 Box 2000, Fort Dix, NJ 08640
May--18 Mitch Diventura AF8976 SCI Dallas
May--24 Brian Luke NV3874 SCI Benner
May--30 Renniel Flores-Vega KU1726 SCI Dallas
May--31 Devan Willyard NT0129 SCI Camp Hill
Jun--10 Vincent Franklin GG6242 SCI Dallas
Jun--10 David Weekes FJ3966 SCI Phoenix
Jun--14 Walter Brown MY0758 SCI Coal Twp.
Jun--17 Alexis Rodriguez BH6734 SCI Dallas
Jun--21 Roberto Cruz AY6754 SCI Dallas
Jun--25 Juan Rivera KV5008 SCI Dallas
Jun--27 Steven Sterner MS4727 SCI Phoenix
Jul--02 Carlos Diaz NJ8776 SCI Chester
Jul--04 Jason Torres LK4692 SCI Dallas
Jul--05 Ray Armstrong KP6254 SCI Dallas
Jul--10 Jose Garcia CP8201 SCI Dallas
Jul--14 Larry Kemp LN7696 SCI Forest
Jul--25 Mark Taylor NN7290 SCI Forest
Jul--28 Robert Hubble AK4064 SCI Dallas
Aug--05 Joaquin Cueva LH8198 SCI Dallas
Aug--08 Eugene Reagan MS0998 SCI Dallas
Aug--08 Roberto Cruz-Rivera AS2743 SCI Dallas
Aug--10 Luis Cintron EY8330 SCI Smithfield
Aug--14 Jesse Campbell HU3831 SCI Huntingdon
Aug--15 Daniel Seyler LS6124 SCI Phoenix
Aug--20 Jeffrey Smith MH5592 SCI Camp Hill
Aug--20 Randolph Williams CY3719 SCI Dallas
Aug--21 Robert Baker JK3888 SCI Dallas
Aug--22 James Martinez BH6756 SCI Mahanoy
Aug--24 Brandon Bishop KK5425 SCI Forest
Sep--03 Michael Hernandez ME2480 SCI Dallas
Sep--08 Luis Toledo AK9240 SCI Dallas
Sep--14 Tyler Bertin NB2028 SCI Benner
Sep--16 Devin Garcia Rodgers MN3363 SCI Somerset
Sep--18 Mario Maldonado DG3437 SCI Dallas
Sep--18 Carroll Watkins AS0865 SCI Dallas
Sep--19 John Clarke LH3397 SCI Forest
Sep--20 Ezkiel Gonzalez NK8230 SCI Dallas
Sep--22 Marvin Cooper NW5349 SCI Somerset
Sep--24 Matthew Ondreako KU2033 SCI Forest
Oct--05 Carl Leach FF4077 SCI Dallas
Oct--10 Brandon Brown FM6205 SCI Forest
Oct--11 Francisco Perez HQ6630 SCI Dallas
Oct--14 Kirby Keller BF2255 SCI Dallas
Oct--17 Alfredo Torres-Santos KH4186 SCI Dallas
Oct--19 Edward Herrick NQ6216 SCI Greene
Oct--20 Gabriel Leshko LY8638 SCI Dallas
Oct--21 Jashua Delgado NJ8022 SCI Chester
Nov--02 Angel Colon GQ2736 SCI Dallas
Nov--02 Andrew Tirado JP6844 SCI Dallas
Nov--05 Mario Morales NT6806 SCI Phoenix
Nov--06 Chris Conchado HY9349 SCI Dallas
Nov--13 Juan Matos AS2010 SCI Dallas
Nov--21 James Jeffries DT0044 SCI Dallas
Nov--25 Damien Walker MZ2223 SCI Coal Twp
Nov--29 Jaime Morales HF1074 SCI Dallas
Dec--06 Jose Torres LJ6503 SCI Mahanoy
Dec--18 Hakeem Wright FL4451 SCI Benner
Dec--22 Challan Galleher GY5843 SCI Forest
Dec--26 Shawn Smith MR6973 SCI Waymart
Dec--28 Charles Diehl AS3410 SCI Mahanoy
Dec--29 Charles Crenshaw AY6571 SCI Dallas
Dec--29 Willie Gooding EW4226 SCI Dallas
Dec--30 Hector Adorno-Burgos JD8934 SCI Dallas
filename: mens prison birthday list 111719.xlsx