Boys Behind Bars–Boy’s Warehouse, by Ed Spencer

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Who are the thousands of boys cast out from our society and warehoused like old merchandise on a shelf? How does this happen?  Some of them are a result of the culture they live in, and are just trying to survive. Often they live without any positive male role model in their lives.  Some of them go wrong as  a result of bad breaks in life…they couldn’t handle life’s difficulties as fast as life comes at them.

teen male portrait wearing handcuffs

teen male portrait wearing handcuffs

But, many of them are like one of “us” and could be our son, or maybe the boy next door. Sometimes they are just a boy whose anger, depression, and rejection, became overwhelming and they lost their sense of reality. They all cry out for help in their own way, yet help doesn’t always come soon enough. Often, we don’t see the signs until it’s too late, and examples of that are all around us.

These boys all have one thing in common. God created them because he wanted them. God still loves them infinitely more than we can. But, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus. Extending your hand could be the hand of rescue a boy needs.  All of us can make a difference. Encourage all teens.  Especially look for those teens who appear to need a friend. Ask God how you can encourage them. Tell them how awesome they are in your own words. Never use flattery; teens can see right through that. Rather, be authentic and genuine and use encouraging words of truth. God will give you the thoughts and words you need to encourage them…just ask Him!

At “Prison Mentoring”, we recognize  that these boys and young men need to have a friend and a male model relationship in their lives. Having an authentic man of integrity in their life truly makes a difference. Some of the relationships built here are the result of outreach. Still others are believers that need the encouragement of Christian men of integrity from the outside…many of these relationships begin by simply sending a Christmas card to an inmate with a handwritten line of encouragement.

Very soon our annual Man to Man Christmas card encouragement program will start. There are more than 80 inmates on our list this year. It’s easy. It’s simple. You will be blessed. It could change a life. Stay tuned and visit and click on the Christmas tab. Thanks so much for caring!

Ed Spencer

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