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Alexis Rodriguez–A Brother’s Plea for Mercy!

As the waves crash day in day out, smashing away the faith, hope, in the life of the convicted fellow’s loved ones… Grief you claim is

New Email System for PA Inmates!

With service expected to begin March 15, 2016, inmates in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) will soon have the ability to exchange electronic messages with

Refuse to Drown, by Tim Kreider

Refuse To Drown A Father’s Unthinkable Choice Manheim Township, PA, was rocked by a seemingly random triple-homicide during the summer of 2007. There were no witnesses,

Released After 20 Years–A New Man

This compelling video interview examines the life of man who comes to Christ while in prison, as he explains his new life in society, and the

Families tell their story…

When a family member is in jail, the entire family is “Doing Time”.  Hear what family’s say…