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Heaven is My Home, by Chris Conchado (L.A.M.B. Squad)

Home is the one place where we all want to be when we need rest and peace. It is where we are most comfortable and can

Losing the Body or Losing the Soul? By Willie Gooding (L.A.M.B. Squad)

  Psalms 49:8-9 says, “For a soul is far too precious to be ransomed by merely earthly wealth. There is not enough of it in all

I Die Daily, by Chris Conchado (L.A.M.B. Squad)

I remember back to when I got saved.  My life was absolutely by far the worst you could ever imagine.  Honestly, it’s as if any real

Easter Sunday 2019, by Alexis Rodriguez

Perfection, communing with the divine before the beginning of the end. My body was beautiful, no wrong no decay in the garden. I heard His voice,

Ashes to Redemption, by Robert Zukowski

My testimony is long, as it has been a constant battle between Satan and God for my soul, with God always winning, of course.  I’ll try

The Discipline of Change, by Alexis Rodriguez

Sometimes I’m insensitive, in hopes that you would acknowledge my pain. Even when encouraging and trying not to mix my words to you… I end up