Inmates Speak Archive

My High Priest, by Alexis Rodriguez

God desires to heal my longings every ache He feels with me. His Son Jesus my High Priest human, man, every degree. He has been touched

Christian Ministry in Prison, by Charles Diehl

We are blessed to have two Godly chaplains here at the State Correctional Institute (SCI) at Mahanoy in Pennsylvania. They love Jesus and they love us

The Mission Work of Incarcerated Christians, by Alexis Rodriguez

 The Mission Committee of the State Correctional Institute (SCI) at Dallas, PA  had our service Wednesday night where all the men shared concerning the mission they

God’s Provision–Our Decision, by Chris Conchado

As born again believers we have the opportunity to find out all of what God has done for us. All that He has blessed us with,

Streets, by Alexis Rodriguez

I have this unseen hope, deep calls out to deep. Like a screaming waterfall, with tones I cannot speak. I well up in tears, and then

To Be Loved, by Alexis Rodriguez

More than to have riches is my deepest desire. To love as I am loved or excel my lovers fire. To transmute my previous living behind