Inmates Speak Archive

Carmella Klotz-Cooper’s Testimony

My name is Carmella Klotz-Cooper.  I am twenty-two years old.  I have three children, but my oldest, Kimberly, never took a breath outside the womb, but

Segregated Congregation, by Robert Zurkowski

“Sir, I am so sorry, but we cannot allow a person with your type of crime to attend here, as it upsets the congregation.”  “Every idle

His Banner Over Me is Love, by Alexis Rodriguez

My Lord’s love has become as a Consuming Fire in righteous indignation against all who oppose me–especially the enemy. His Holy Love has come to my

Light to Darkness, by Carmella Klotz-Cooper

Counting down the days like a man counts down his calories Still a while to go. Outside is shining but inside I’m drowning, trapped in a

Christian Ministry Work in Prison, by Charles Diehl

There are 10 blocks here at State Correctional Institute (SCI) Mahanoy.  Each block has two pods, A & B. Each pod, ideally, has a Protestant pod

Consent to Ascend, by Alexis Rodriguez

If God takes care of the birds of the air, how much more will He take care of you! What was meant for harm will bring