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Who Are the Boys Behind Bars? by Ed Spencer

Who are the “Boys Behind Bars”, and can a mentor truly make a difference? These boys come from many different cultures and backgrounds; and they commit

The Reality of Prison Ministry, by Rick DiLaurenzo

The truth is…a decade ago I never would have guessed that I would be celebrating 5 years of prison ministry!  I would have believed that any

A Mentor’s Miracle! by Rick DiLaurenzo

I have been blessed with a Miracle!  There is no other explanation! It happened like this… About three years ago, a routine blood test revealed that

Boys Behind Bars, ‘Josh’, by Ed Spencer

Many people who have not experienced “behind-the-bars” prison ministry have a TV-produced impression of prison… a violent place, where people who have no value or importance

Skip Speaks, “It’s Written on Your Heart”

To my beloved brothers at Prison Mentoring and all over the world, remember this: God has made it easy for us in the new covenant to

Boys Behind Bars–A Teen’s Heart, by Ed Spencer

  The Golden Key to a Teen Boys Heart: Whether it’s a teen boy behind bars, a teen from a normal family, a teen from a