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PrisonMentoring.com–A Fellowship of Joy, By Rick DiLaurenzo

As Christians, we often think of fellowship as something that happens at our church, or our small group meetings, or perhaps at Bible study classes.  Many

Praying Behind Bars, By Vincent Franklin and Rick DiLaurenzo

In many prisons, there are groups of active Christians who participate in spiritual activities that are never portrayed on television or reported in the news.  Christians

The Reality of Prison Ministry, by Rick DiLaurenzo

The truth is…a decade ago I never would have guessed that I would be celebrating 5 years of prison ministry!  I would have believed that any

Mike Inspires His Mentor! By Rick DiLaurenzo

After a two hour ride culminating in Pennsylvania’s coal mining towns of Minersville and Shamokin, we drove into the parking lot of the State Correctional Institute

An Inmate’s Response to My Letter

Mike’s sister and family were worried about him, and they approached me and one of my ministry partners, Brian, in church to ask us to reach out to

Crime and Punishment from CBS 60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes program, titled “Crime and Punishment” aired on CBS  on Sunday, 4/3/2016.  I highly recommend that you watch it…You can see this short piece by clicking on