Christian Ministry Work in Prison, by Charles Diehl

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There are 10 blocks here at State Correctional Institute (SCI) Mahanoy.  Each block has two pods, A & B. Each pod, ideally, has a Protestant pod representative. I am the pod rep for Block K, pods A & B,  since there is only one rep for now.

I have two main responsibilities in this work for Jesus.  First, I meet with any new guys to find out what their religious persuasion is. If they say say none or anything other than Protestant, I will direct them to a person from that group that can better inform them. In addition I invite them to the Protestant services if they are not satisfied with the group they attend.

Then I make myself available to them if they need anything or have any questions. I do this so that I can leave the door open to future invitations and conversations. if they are Protestant or Christians, I share with them what is available at the chapel and invite them to church service and to our daily bible discussion. I make myself available to them for any help at they may need.

The second responsibility is to organize and, if necessary, lead the bible discussions. Each pod rep is different and we need to be sensitive to our brother’s availability to lead, as well as what subjects to teach and and how often to hold the discussions. We meet daily on K-block but other blocks meet only once a week. We usually choose what to study as a group or I may select a topic or lesson myself if something specific comes up.

I try to be in tune with the guys and their current spiritual needs; at times be we will go off topic as the Holy Spirit leads. We are accountable to one of the church elders and to the two chaplains to ensure that we are conducting our service with Godliness and integrity. Our service is for the growth and encouragement of all in the body of Christ and to draw unbelievers to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

It gives me great joy to share the Word of God with my fellow believers and also those who are searching for the truth.  Together, all we do is for the glory of Almighty God!

by Charles Diehl

EDITORS NOTE:  You may write to my friend and brother in Christ,  Charles Diehl, at the following address–he would love to hear from you!

  • Smart Communications / PADOC, 
  • Charles Diehl AS3410
  • SCI Mahanoy,
  • PO Box 33028,
  • ST Petersburg FL 33733


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