Christmas Cards for Inmates Project 2016

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As the holidays approach, it is especially difficult for many Christian inmates and their families to deal with their separation from loved ones.  Inmates need our Christian fellowship and caring more than ever during this time; a few encouraging words from your heart or from scripture can be so important in helping them.  The Christmas cards that you send are often taped to their cell walls, bringing your message to their hearts as they read and reread your cards for weeks!  May God bless you and your family for your kindness!


Free Volunteer Packets:  You can be a blessing to a dozen  Christian inmates by  sending them a Christmas card…and we have packets that include the Christmas Cards, postage, and addresses–all you add is a hand-written sentence or two of encouragement or scripture, and drop them in the mail! (for privacy, you may use our ministry return address: Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown PA 18927)

Contact Ed Spencer ( or Rick DiLaurenzo ( for your volunteer packet and to answer any questions.  In one hour you can make a difference in the lives of a dozen Christians!

NOTE:  If you prefer to send Christmas cards to inmates using your own supplies, that is truly awesome!  Just go to our website at and click on the Christmas tab.  You will find a list of worthy inmates who would love to get a card from you…you will also find detailed instructions so that your cards will be able to be received by the inmates, under current guidelines.  Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email (above).



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