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→   Liberty Ministries in Schwenksville, PA is looking for volunteer mentors to help those recently released from prison. The men are residents at Liberty House for their 12 month Bible based program to guide them to successful re-entry into society.  Get their brochure at: Mentoring At Liberty Ministries

→  “Letters to a Lifer” , by Cindy Sanford, provides a rare insight into life without parole (LWOP) for juveniles in the USA.  A true story from Pennsylvania, it is a compelling tale of faith and redemption, which shows why the campaign against LWOP sentences for juveniles is gaining momentum. To get a copy (and support this ministry website) click on Amazon–Letters to a Lifer

Life Abundant Ministries in Doylestown, PA  is looking for volunteers for their prison ministry program.  Volunteers visit prisoners at Bucks County Prison.  Just an hour or two a week can make a big difference in the life of a Christian behind bars. Contact Herb Rose @ 215-489-0200, visit website for more info: Life Abundant Ministries

“Refuse to Drown” , by Tim Kreider —A Father’s Unthinkable Choice   Manheim Township, PA, was rocked by a seemingly random triple-homicide during the summer of 2007. There were no witnesses, very few leads and no solid suspects. As days turned into weeks and the crime remained unsolved, the small-town neighborhood was filled with sadness, questions, and a growing sense of fear. One month after the murders, Tim Kreider’s son Alec was committed to a mental health hospital. One of Alec’s best friends had been one of the murder victims, and Tim feared that the loss had pushed his long-troubled son over the edge. Tim didn’t realize that his world was about to come crashing down around him. Refuse to Drown is the true story of a father’s despair and the type of perseverance that can lead to hope and healing.    To purchase this book