Consent to Ascend, by Alexis Rodriguez

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If God takes care
of the birds of the air,
how much more will He take care of you!
What was meant for harm
will bring no alarm
just believe that He'll bring you through.
Your path will be straight
and long stride your gait
as you get to where you're destined to be.
Every breath that you take
just say; "God is Great!"
Walk by faith though sometimes can't see.

You're an eagle, so be so!
Soar and let the winds carry high.
Look down on distress
fly pass hopelessness
be keen to see eagle-eyed.

Leave here on earth
all that's not worth
the natural and unworthy of heights.
Anxiety is gone
yes, wave "so long"
and be lofty all days and all nights.

When you don't have a clue
and the world's come unglued
remember all things in Him do consist.
Rest if you must
let Him carry us
so we can further gain strength to resist.

When we fail He is here
Oh, so very near
to lift as Shepherd His lamb.
By myself I am weak
when alone my soft bleat
does attract Him, He says, "Here I AM".

On His shoulders I trust
Oh Lord shelter us
do protect us as only You can.
I know you love me
I just wanted to see,
for myself and that's why I ran.

by Alexis Rodriguez

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