Despite Fear, We Still Move Forward in Christ, by Willie J. Gooding

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My name is Willie J. Gooding and as a believer confined in the State of Pennsylvania, my faith, like many men and women in my predicament is being challenged like never before! To witness this pandemic spread throughout this world like a tsunami is abhorrent to perceive.
Fear is not only consuming the world, but the body of Christ, as well! Families who have children, siblings, significant others and parent’s incarcerated are terrified with good reason; this virus has no picks, and it’s not prejudice. Let us remember its origin, Satan, who’s intentions are always to kill, steal and destroy lives!
To all the beloved families in Christ and those in situations who’s communications with their love ones were hindered by this pandemic, continue to do your due diligence until your answers are met and families secured!
We need to know that we’re not alone, but in this fight together! This is not a time for believer’s to cower, but to stand strong together in prayer by faith and declare “I (we) shall not die, but live And declare the works of the LORD.” Psalm 118:17.
Moving forward, we give NO power; NO advantage; NO ground; & NO victory to the enemy; instead, we say YES to the finished work of Christ Jesus; YES to His Victory; YES to Life & Better Days; YES to every soul fighting for their lives; YES to His Love; & YES to families reuniting again in the name of Jesus!
This past February my mother went home to be with the Lord after a long fought battle with cancer, she was an amazing woman! My thoughts goes to her in this thought: How would she have encouraged me in these times? I believe she would’ve said, “In Spite Of The Fear, We Still Move Forward In Christ!” Give people hope where there is none, especially now; remind them that this is just a “moment in time” and we will come through it stronger; and keep ministering the Gospel to this dying world knowing that this pandemic isn’t what really needs to be feared.  Amen.  God loves you!
EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can respond to our friend, Mr. Gooding, with your encouraging comments and observations by writing to this address:
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