Easter Sunday 2019, by Alexis Rodriguez

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Perfection, communing with the divine

before the beginning of the end.

My body was beautiful, no wrong

no decay in the garden.

I heard His voice, it was everywhere

in every created thing existed His word.

In the morning mist and due

was amaranthine, eternal.

Surrounded by endless excellence

why would I have to fret?

Light was ever advancing

and darkness was unknown.

Being unknown became its disguise

until he introduced himself to the women.

She should have known

but maybe her husband too was naive.

The dark one with subtlety

introduced rebellion, shame, guilt and death.

Then all of creation groaned

with their new understanding.

Thorns and thistles which where

not part of the original theme,

birth pains, corruption contaminants

a blessed curse without equal.

Oh, I should have remained beautiful!

Lo behold, where is our redeemer?

Who will take upon himself

life, death to make all things right?

What will become of humanity?

Oh, let there be light!

Who will kill decay, and to damnation say;

“These are mine, before time preserved”.

The choice of all the fallen

the fallen who have chosen Me.

Let Spring reign eternal

let the risen sing, “To hell infernal”!

Our Saviour died my death today

and has given me power, authority

let every soul praise The King

resurrection has quickened me!

Because He’s alive, I live

for evermore. Amen.

by Alexis Rodriguez

You may write to Alexis (Lex) Rodriguez at the following address–he would love to hear from you!

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