Email Update for PA Prisoners

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Using the new email system by GTL Corporation to message Pennsylvania inmates has proven somewhat difficult for many friends and family members.  Two weeks ago, I emailed “Connect Network” to get clarification on what was causing the difficulties, and I finally received a response (two weeks Later!)  Much of the confusion that most users encounter has to do with getting inmates registered as “recipients”  The following information is reproduced exactly as it was provided to me in their email…


The inmate must accept your request to add their name to your list.  This is done from within the facility.

You would add your facility in “Manage facilities”.  State prisons are usually listed as the state name and DOC (i.e. “South Carolina DOC”, “Pennsylvania DOC”)  Then the menu option “Message Link” will show of the left hand side of the screen.  Please check that the email system is available for your facility on the “Locations” tab.  The instructions will show on the screen when you select “Message Link”.

If you have difficulty finding an inmate in the system, please only input their last name and you can select them from a list of inmates.  If the inmate has difficulty using the system you can have them inquire with the communications site administrator for assistance with the email system.


I have received a confirmation email from each “recipient” that I put on my list; but that did take from 1 to 5 days, in part because the inmate has to approve your request to be on his list. The email confirmation  subject line says, “New M2U Registration” from and the body of the email says that you have received a new registration outcome from the inmate.  Once you have received that confirmation, you are all set to email that inmate!  Some inmates will have purchased “tablets” and can receive their emails on those devices, others will only be able to read their emails at the stand-alone kiosks.  Either way, presently they cannot get their emails printed on paper.

Also, I have learned that inmates who don’t have a tablet have to get a password from the “Unit Manager”, so that they can log on at the kiosk; but it is somewhat difficult to type at the kiosk and there is no privacy, because you are standing shoulder to shoulder with another inmate.  It is much easier for those who have tablets!

I have also learned that, unlike some other states,  the Pa Department  of Corrections is not allowing “2 way” emails, in which the sender can pay the 25 cent fee for a reply from the inmate–the inmate must pay the 25 cents per page from credits purchased at the commissary.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please email me with any information that may be helpful, an I will publish any information that will help!

Rick DiLaurenzo


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