Evangelism Behind Bars, by Alexis Rodriguez

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My name is Alexis Rodriguez, and I’m a resident at the State Correctional Institute (SCI) at Dallas, Pa.  Christians here have a church that is hoping to lose all it’s members (back to society)!

As a member here I am part of the Mission Committee and honorably serve as one of ten deacons. We also have an evangelist committee whose work is carried out by the Block Evangelist Representatives, “BER’s”.  As Christian men in prison, we have the daunting task of having compassion on those who are rejected by family and friends; especially those that society considers to be beyond redemption.  You see, we are the spiritual firemen working to “pull them out of the fire.”

New men to the institution are usually greeted on their respective blocks by their BER’s, who give them “the low down” of the joint. These are usually men fresh from quarantine and just like all, have issues to be dealt with. Some carry more baggage than others, but all are treated with equal respect. “Have no fear your brothers at Dallas will tend to your wounds”. Now, don’t get the wrong picture – this is prison after all… and most are “good Samaritans” in training, just trying to do our best.

I just want to praise GOD.   These articles are penned to help others see the work of the Holy Spirit–where most eyes never get to see!

Pray for all prisoners as if you too were in prison. . If curious, I’ll speak about our missions efforts next time. Keep smiling. I appreciate your support…and would love to hear from you!

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can write to encourage my very good friend, Alexis Rodriguez, a “lifer” at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA.  You must use a plain white envelope, and you must put his DOC # directly after his name on the first line of the address.  You must use a return address, or it won’t be delivered to him…but, if you prefer, you can use my ministry return address: Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927

Alexís Rodríguez, BH 6734                   1000 Follies Rd.         Dallas, Pa. 18612

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