God Sends Friends, by Alexis Rodriguez

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I want to thank you, so many of you, for supporting me during these years of need. I have no faces to place on so many names but I do like to imagine as if it were a game. When I said, “My foot slippeth” Your mercy told me, I have given you hinds feet to grip the high places, to look upon them and overcome them. Lord You have supplied a bountiful mercy through Your servants. I will sing of Your mercy and justice! Some will see me and proclaim me crazy. I laugh at the thought. It is Your mercy that endures forever. Truly when all I knew was persecution You helped me understand Your loving kindness. How can I thank You. Every person You have placed in my life is for this very moment, for this season of my life. You are The God of gods, Lord of lords, You alone perform wonders in the life of them who humbly accept Your blessed breath. You breathe and the waves accumulate to greatness, as if all the waters collect to bow before You. You breathe and the withering grass grows greener. You breathe and stillness overtakes the anxious urbanizes. Your breath caresses the cheeks of the lonely in a city of millions, saying; you are not alone sweet daughter, beloved son. I have seen your pain and heard your despairing cry. You who are struggling with finances, abandonment, identity, place your trust in Me, says The Lord.

Do not accept wrongful judgement, now there is therefore no condemnation for those who have My Son. Do not accept dismissal, rejections, or no as an answer when you truly desire to be promoted, advanced or elevated. I have borne you up on My shoulders like My beautiful lamb and will provide and protect you as My own, just yield.

This is for so many who have helped me, the Lord’s servant while I am in prison. I look forward to seeing all my friends and family soon. Continue being faithful stewards with all you have been blessed with, especially the love deposited in your hearts. “Give and it shall be given to you, ” with the same standard.

by Alexis “Lex” Rodriguez

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