God’s Provision–Our Decision, by Chris Conchado

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As born again believers we have the opportunity to find out all of what God has done for us. All that He has blessed us with, the inheritance He has given us, the promises He made to us, and the future He has guaranteed us. The very words of our lives are written to us by God the Holy Spirit through men contained in the sixty six books that make up the bible. We have this treasure to look into and discover all the wonderful things He has made available to us.

We have already been freely given all God has for us through what Jesus accomplished on our behalf by His finished work. But how does that help us here and now? Certainly, we won’t have any problems in heaven right? So, again, how does that help us here and now in this present world with our current circumstances – whatever they may be?

So how do we do it? How do we experience all the blessings God has provided to us in Christ? The first thing for us to do is to find out just what they are. How can you benefit from something you don’t even know you have? Imagine someone deposits millions of dollars in the bank for you but you never make a withdraw. What good is it? How does it benefit you? Well it’s the same thing with God’s promises. If we are not using them, how are they helping? God has made the provision in Christ and we must make it our decision to value and honor all that He has done for us through Christ by using them. We glorify our Father by laying hold of and using what He has given to us for our benefit.

If you have a child, can you imagine giving them a gift and they never use it? What would that say? How would that make you feel? But on the other hand, suppose you give your child a gift and they value and treasure it using it and benefiting from it greatly. Well that would just cause you to rejoice. So it is with our heavenly Father when we profit from what He has given us, laying hold of it by faith causes God, our father, to rejoice. If we really consider the price paid on Jesus’ cross… how can it not move us?  The pain, torture, torment, and the sheer agony He suffered for our sin. His body was ripped open, paying the penalty in our place. That should make our hearts melt with gratitude. So let’s glorify God by honoring Jesus and all He underwent by using the results of His finished work.

For example, God has promised us peace, comfort, and strength.  Do you know the scriptures where these promises are? God has made the provision – we must make it our decision to find it out. We must believe it by faith regardless of how we may feel or whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in. You may have to confess – Jesus is my peace, God comforts me, and the joy of the Lord is my strength. You may have to confess it 20, 30, 40, or more times a day by the Holy Spirit within you. Remember all of God’s promises in Christ are yes and amen.

Do you know that God watches over His word to perform it? Do you know that scripture? How did God create? He spoke and it was. So you too speak His word and you shall receive – speak it, as much as it takes, and never quit. Do you know the scripture that says – pray without ceasing? It means never give up on prayer. Pray the scripture concerning your needs and get God results, and don’t give up till you have it.

Your mission is to get into the word and find out what God provided for you through Jesus’ finished work. You can experience the victory Christ has secured for you – this is the abundant life. You are a new creation in Christ and heaven is your home and your economy right now in this present world. Do you want it? I pray it’s a shout of yes… and you choose to make God’s provision your decision.

By Chris Conchado

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