Going Through It, by Alexis Rodriguez

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“Change the way you look at things

and what you look at will change”,

sing a song in sorrow

and your sadness rearrange.

You’re not breaking into pieces

though now things may seem so strange

you’re falling into place

into Him who breaks the chains.

Each unique fragment

becomes the fabric of your being

stop fighting, struggling,

trying to gain control

trust although not seeing.

No need to comprehend

all things which will be defined,

accept the falls, then stand

and rest, for there is more to climb.

Clouds are now your view

but soon you’ll see sublime,

stop looking at your watch

it doesn’t tell true time.

You cannot see the top

as the mountain stares down at you.

One step, one breath

resolve to get beyond and not just through.

Pain’s not your companion,

peace is yours my friend.

Though hurting now, you’ll soon smile

and say; “I thought I’d never see the end”.

Alexís Rodriguez. Please send your encouraging comments to my friend, “Lex” at the following address–use all 5 lines exactly as below:

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