Greeting Cards Send God’s Love to Inmates

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Do you know of a prisoner that could use some Christian encouragement? A family member, someone from your church, or a person that a friend cares about . . . perhaps you have been kind enough to send a birthday or Christmas card to brighten the day for a prisoner that you care about. But, when you go shopping for a card to send, you quickly realize that most greeting cards have messages that are inappropriate for someone who is locked away from their family and friends.  It is so hard to find a great card that encourages someone, and nearly impossible to get one with a message of God’s love for them!

Thankfully, beautiful greeting cards and note cards that are designed specifically for prisoners are now readily available at The website is a treasure of wonderfully designed cards that combine original images of “life” with wording based on scripture that is uplifting and encouraging.

These artfully crafted cards are thoughtfully created with a sensitivity and caring that is unmatched by commercial card retailers.  The topics and themes are many; some speak to an inmate’s emotional needs, such as “you are strong, “you are loved by God,” and “doing His “time,” while others tell them how you feel, including “visitation hours go too quickly,” “proud of you for loving Christ,” and “an empty chair at our table.”

Psalm 46-1-2copyright

Imagine being able to send a card that will truly be cherished by someone who is experiencing the worst time of their life. You might think that such great cards would be expensive, but they are actually about the same price as what you pay at your local retailer for an average commercial card that falls short on several levels!

The website is the brainchild of Julie Overholser, a photographic artist and creator of the cards and inscriptions that abound on The greeting cards and 4×6 photo cards (called “WORDpictures”) are a part of a ministry that she and Jamie, her ordained husband, use to provide faith-based resources to encourage prisoners, as well as anyone else.

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“If we can make even a small difference in the lives of men and women who come to know Christ as a result of a little, simple WORDpicture or the faith-based cards we create, then we have fulfilled our mission,” Julie said on their website. Their goal is to give you the tools to reach out in Christ-like love to those within your sphere of influence with the loving words of our Savior.


EDITOR’S NOTE: My wife and I had the opportunity to visit the Crossroads Church in Clarks Summit, PA, where Jamie Overholser is the pastor.  The service was excellent, and Pastor Jamie’s lesson was a compelling look into his heart, which he shared with a transparency that brought a tear to many eyes.  We then were invited to share lunch with the Overholsers, where we learned more about their ministry.

This article was not solicited by them nor did they ask me to help bring awareness to their wonderful website and cards. It is my genuine belief that these cards and “WORDpictures” are a treasure to be shared by people who care about those behind bars.  I and my ministry partners personally use these wonderful cards to send to the prisoners on the birthday card list and also the Christmas card list at

I invite you to visit and begin sharing these delightful, uplifting cards with a prisoner or anyone you know that has someone in prison. They will thank you for thinking of them in such a caring way!


Rick DiLaurenzo, Editor

Hebrews 13:3 says, “Remember the prisoner as if you were in bonds with him.”

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