Happy Mothers Day, by Wayne P. Johnson

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Dear Momma I never meant to break your heart
By hangin’ out in the dark
And I know I should have known better
Because you always told me to get my life together
And watch the company that I keep
Before they find me dead in the streets
And the streets seem like what I have chose
But on this side it’s real cold
Cold-hearted people that I deal with every day
And now I understand why you told me to pray
Pray for a new beginning at the end
Because my life was in full sin
Sin that I really thought was cool
But now I realize that I was a fool
A fool for not paying attention
When all you asked me to do was listen
Listen to you and respect others
because even the Bible says, listen to your mother
Well mom I never meant to hurt you and
“GOD” knows that I didn’t
I just wish from the bottom of my heart
That I would have just listened
Listened when you cried out and begged me to do better
So now mom I want you to know
That I getting my life together
No more hangin’ out in the dark because
I’m smarter than that
And now I know to listen to you because
You got my back
So may God bless you and may you find happiness and
Peace in every way
And I apologize to you for runnin’ away


by Wayne P. Johnson 

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