His Banner Over Me is Love, by Alexis Rodriguez

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My Lord’s love has become as a Consuming Fire in righteous indignation against all who oppose me–especially the enemy. His Holy Love has come to my defense, enclosed me, so I am safe here in this fiery furnace together with Him; for He has become as a backfire against the oncoming flames which lick at my feet. He has delivered me from the heat and the smoke has not touched me.

His vow to be the fourth man in the flames, my Protector, has given me confidence while in the furnace. My desire has been to draw closer to Him as the temperature rises. Now my heart burns for Him. There is no comparison to His glorious brightness. His Loving embrace is as that of a mother hen, who calls her children saying; “Abide under My wings” though I burn, My passion for you burns the more. “The flames may challenge but will not overcome My protection”.

I will give My life so you may live. My Spirit now to you I give. Follow Me, I will be your Guiding Light as the enemy pursues and I drive them to their destruction. Learn to love as I have loved you. When they say, “What god can deliver you from my hand”, say in faith, “My GOD can”! The Lover of my soul is the Standard. His love is immeasurable, so vast, so deep, so wide, so high! Who is there who dare deny!?

by Alexis Rodriguez


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