How To Send Money To PA Inmates, by Rick DiLaurenzo

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Everything a Pennsylvania inmate needs; clothing, snacks, personal grooming items, coats and jackets, shoes and socks, email messaging units, books, music for their tablets, etc. must be purchased through the Commissary at the facility.  Your gifts of money mean so much to them–every dollar is greatly appreciated.

There is only one method available to send money to Pennsylvania inmates; you must open an account at .

Once you are on their home page, new customers must register by starting with the inmate search section, choosing Pennsylvania and entering your inmate’s DOC Number, and click “Find”.  Then on the search results page, click on the correct inmate.

Then on the Registration Page, enter your information, and check the box that you agree to the payment terms of service, then click register.  You will need to remember the user name and password to log into the website.

Now you need to create a user account, so, on the Home Page click “My Account”.  On the Profile Page, fill in the information and click “Save”.  You can add and remove credit and debit cards on the Payment Methods page. All transactions incur nominal user fees , which are added to the amount that you wish to send.

HINT: Your checking account debit card is a preferred method versus a credit card, because your credit card will be charged as a cash advance… which incurs transaction fees and very high interest rates.

Now, whenever you log on to your account with your user name and password, you can select the inmate, which will then advance you to the “Send Money” page.  Type in the amount of dollars and click “Next”.  The next page gives you the opportunity to confirm the inmate and the amount; click “Continue”.  That’s it!  You will get a confirmation that the transaction is complete, and your inmate’s account will receive the funds.

NOTE:  Although JPay provides email services to prison facilities in many states, in Pennsylvania you must use Connect Network, a GTL Company, to send an email–they are the only authorized vendor. See for step by step instructions.

by Rick DiLaurenzo, Founder/Editor,



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