I Believe in You, by Alexis Rodriguez

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I am not normal, nor reasonable…(ask those who know me) I talk to angels. I speak to an invisible Person on a daily basis “within ceasing” and sometimes I even use words. Most of the time, our communication is somewhat impulsive on my behalf, He urges me on and well, when I manage to understand it’s Him, I listen. I hear His voice clearly tell me; “Fear not, for I am with you.”. I smile and am comforted. So if you see me smile, He is near. I like the fact that it’s not a monologue, but a true conversation which leads me to believe that we have a relationship. That’s where the “not normal” or reasonable comes to play, most suppose this to be crazy.  I read of an Angel helping God’s people in Old Times, one cutting a couple of the Apostles loose from prison in the New, I’ve even heard of them assisting baseball players, especially outfielders. I’m just happy I’m not alone here. Nor are you wherever you are and in whatever situation. Learn to see beyond the circumstances, and smile.

By Alexis Rodriguez

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can write to encourage my very good friend, Alexis Rodriguez, a “lifer” at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA.  You must use a plain white envelope, and you must put his DOC # directly after his name on the first line of the address.  You must use a return address, or it won’t be delivered to him…but, if you prefer, you can use my ministry return address: Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927

Alexis Rodriguez, BH 6734                   1000 Follies Rd.         Dallas, Pa. 18612

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