Ironic Opportunity, by Josoph Henry

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In January 2014, I transferred from the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Dallas, Pennsylvania to SCI Retreat in Hunlock Creek, PA. My opinion at the time was that the transfer was a mistake. I did not want to move there.

One day, Pat, a Christian I mentored, came to my cell with a Muslim, named Ty, who wanted to ask questions about the Bible. Ty had previously asked Pat these questions. Pat told him he could not answer them but he knew who could.

I spoke to Ty at that moment; however, it was against the housing unit’s rules for them to stand in front of my cell. We agreed to speak in the day room that evening during “block-out”. Block-out is when inmates can leave their cells to sit around tables in the dayroom.

After a few weeks, Ty became a Christian! Our Lord used me, and the Protestant community at Retreat to disciple Ty. Every day, Pat and Ty were attached to my hips as we walked to breakfast, lunch, dinner, dayroom, church services, and Bible studies. We constantly talked about our Lord.

I transferred from SCI Retreat back to SCI Dallas in May 2015. I have not had a chance to share my faith since I returned 20 months ago. Now, although I still prefer Dallas, I praise our Lord for his previous transfer of me to Retreat!

“A person’s steps are directed by the Lord.  How then can anyone understand their own way?” (Proverbs 20:24, NIV)

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You are invited to write and encourage this Christian inmate–he would greatly welcome your card or letter.  You must use a plain white envelope–no stickers or metal attached–His name and DOC # must appear in the first line of the address, and there must be a return address on the top left of the envelope: Josoph Henry, # AS1498, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Rd. Dallas PA 18612.

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