“Josh” A follow-up, by Ed Spencer

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Josh – Follow Up Story

Recently in my latest communication with Josh, from the Story “The Insignificance of Josh”, Josh was excited to tell me that he was accepted into the Inmate K9 Program which recently debuted in the Pennsylvania department of Corrections.

The inmate must qualify to participate. This program allows an inmate to have a K9 companion for a period of One year. During this time, the inmate will train the dog for CPL or the Canine Partners for Life. The dogs will become service dogs for a variety of people with debilitating diseases like Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinson’s. Josh is expecting to receive his first K9 trainee later this month. There are several Labs coming into the program.

Josh says that things are looking very good for him these days. It is great to hear him so excited and happy. It will be a lot of work for Josh and a huge responsibility. It will also give Josh a sense of self satisfaction and self worth.

Finally the Department of Corrections has a program that is truly Positive Rehabilitation.

You can find more information on Canine Partners for Life. www.k94life.org.

More information about Josh if you missed his story is on the web page.


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