Life, by Alexis Rodriguez

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What would you do if you saw life pass you by? Would you chase her, or wait for the day that you’ll again see each other? Personally I’ve removed myself from the present and been with her all my days and currently live with the romantic hope that life will return to me.

She is beautiful as she goes her way, all men stare at her and this they like to say; “She is the breath in my lungs, the faithful morning sun, every night she leaves I pray for her return”.

No life is the same, though resembling in what remains; we pursue her all our days–she  is before and behind. Refrain from her careless disregard, concern yourself with loving tenderly. When you see her passing through, make sure to give her due; treat her royally.

When it’s all over she’ll compensate you richly, for your fidelity. You see, in afterlife she’ll be your wife and together live eternally.

By Alexis Rodriguez

You may write to Alexis (Lex) Rodriguez at the following address–he would love to hear from you!

  • Smart Communications / PADOC, 
  • Alexis Rodriguez / BH6734
  • SCI Dallas,
  • PO Box 33028,
  • ST Petersburg FL 33733


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