Lifer Lex–Women’s March on Washington

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I am overwhelmed with emotions as I see the nation in turmoil, divided along racial lines, gender equality, economic stances. Not since the sixties has their been such movements and personally I congratulate every suffragette for standing tall.

I understand that this is a pivotal time for many and that leaders are needed, but are not being supplied by the usual groups. Nor can they be, for these groups have exhausted themselves by years of self-service. Personally I would love to thank all the “wo-mentors” (women mentors) in my life, all those who have been with me before my current circumstances, all who continually, day and night, pray for my well being; even those in the background unbeknownst to me, holding me up.

My mother will never know how important her faithfulness to God is for me as an example in my walk. She, of a quiet demeanor, demonstrated how to fight. Still waters do run deep; like mother like son. I love you Mamí. Rest in peace grandma. To all my aunts, strong Puerto Rican females whose hearts are forever filled with Island lullaby’s, thank you for your song. Keep singing. I can’t forget my only sis… man, I’m proud of you!

To all the women dressed in white, walk till your heart finds delight, and when tired I pray you take flight… take a breather, getting strength to continue walking, marching. March on! Time for whimpering and whining is over–it’s time to fight. Fight on!

An editorial by Alexis Rodriguez, SCI Dallas

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You are invited to write and encourage this Christian inmate–he would greatly welcome your card or letter.  You must use a plain white envelope–no stickers or metal attached–His name and DOC # must appear in the first line of the address, and there must be a return address on the top left of the envelope:  Alexis Rodriguez, BH6734, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Road, Dallas PA 18612

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