Merry Christmas to All, by Alexis Rodriguez

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To my family… Words do not begin to define the gratitude I have for each one of you! First, to my mentor Rick & his wife Jo…you guys are a godsend. I’ve been blessed by your company and sacrifice. You have shared your time, we’ve shared meals and mostly you have provided hope. I love you guys!

To the men like Dave Godshall, his wife Donna; and to George and the other men from Thursday Bible study group who have written birthday cards, even some anonymously have taken a moment to just extend an encouraging word and prayers…THANK YOU. Please be lifted in knowing that we as believers are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, even at the right hand of The Father… So, when YOU are feeling down, look up, and speak to yourself from on high (even though everyone may think you are a nut job!)

To my Fourth World family,

First of all, to my brother Ed Spencer, love you, brother… getting younger every day, praise God. The Morrisons and Jim & Barb and their respective families. I appreciate all you have done, are doing and will do on behalf of the less fortunate. As you have done it for the least of these you have done it for the Lord. I consider you angels, who don’t simply show up on Christmas time but throughout the year. Thank you for allowing me into your hearts, for you, too, have a place in mine.

Praise God for our Savior Jesus, for He did not come into the world to condemn the world but that the world might be saved through faith in His finished work on Calvary. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.

Your brother in bonds and a prisoner of Jesus Christ,

By Alexis Rodriguez

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You can write to encourage my very good friend, Alexis Rodriguez, a “lifer” at the State Correctional Institute at Dallas, PA.  You must use a plain white envelope, and you must put his DOC # directly after his name on the first line of the address.  You must use a return address, or it won’t be delivered to him…but, if you prefer, you can use my ministry return address: Prison Mentoring, Box 310, Hilltown, PA 18927

Alexis Rodriguez,        BH 6734                   1000 Follies Rd.         Dallas, Pa. 18612


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