One Day at a Time, by Chris Conchado

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How do we do it? How do we manage to maintain a sound mind while confined to prison facing 20, 30, 40 years or more? Even the thought of being separated from everything you love for such a long time could be to much to bear. I have heard people confess that if such a thing had befallen them, they could not handle it. At one time I’m quite sure, I would have felt the same. But for myself and many others this is a very harsh reality we must contend with everyday. I have only been incarcerated for 12 years. But if your thinking that’s a long time to be in prison consider having been here for more than two,three,or even four decades,like some of my brothers here in Christ.

So the answer to the question of how we keep sane after all these years is…one day at a time. Although my answer may seem trite and lacking luster, its power can be seen  in the testimonies of many. As born again believers, the bible is our source of how to; how to live, how to believe, how to think,walk, and talk. Its how we hear from God to understand our salvation and the things pertaining to our redemption and how to cope with the hardships of this present world.

The word of God is very clear ( Mt. 6:34) ” Don’t worry about tomorrow “. The idea is that God will meet your needs for the day as you seek Him. Also He tells us ( James 4:14) ” You do not know what will happen tomorrow “. So we can make predictions about things to happen and be correct. We can have thoughts about tomorrow and plan things, which is not a bad thing. But we must acknowledge the will of God and find our hope for today, tomorrow, and our future in Him. Its not us who determines our future but rather its God.  God has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heaven and has loaded us up with promises for our daily lives.

Now this may be a hard truth to grasp, but I believe that, ” heaven is now”. We get to experience all the blessings of heaven right now. Love, peace, joy, hope, righteousness, holiness , and forgiveness are all ours in Christ continually. How do we experience it ? By faith believing…one day at a time. We surely know that yesterday is gone and we are not to live in the past; so lets apply that same truth concerning tomorrow…don’t live in tomorrow today, if possible, don’t even worry about it!

I lovingly encourage all my brothers and sisters in Christ to live this blessed life one day at a time. Just simply relax with the Lord trusting that He will take care of you and that He holds your future secure. He is your God and Father and in Christ you are safe and secure both now and forevermore. Be blessed in His love and grace.

By Chris Conchado.

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