Our Place and Privileges, by Alexis Rodriguez

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I will not submit to lifelong misfortune being hounded by wrong thinking. I’ve decided to accept my legal standing before God through the finished works of Jesus. The sinister works of Satan are not blatant but subtle as in the beginning he will ask, “Did God really say…” A mixture of truth with lies is still lies and called deception.

I’ve come to the point in my personal life where understanding Jesus’ finished work on Calvary and the redemption of all that was previously forfeited has been recovered for our benefit. You have a right to speak and testify and if you decide to remain silent souls may die. You have the right to speak against sickness, disease, lethargy, poverty, quarrels, disputes, misunderstandings in the Name of Jesus your Lord. He has said, “Behold, I give unto you POWER… over ALL THE POWER of the enemy…” (Luke 10:19)

You have a right to receive the Holy Spirit as your Advocate, and is simply by asking for if you fathers who are sinners know how to give good gifts HOW MUCH MORE will your Heavenly Father give The Spirit to them who ask. You have a right to share in the abundance of grace as a child of the Most High, coheir with Jesus The Prince of Peace who has regained all glory and is crowned KING of kings.

You have a right to sit at the majestic side of God on high enforcing THE REDEMPTIVE RIGHTS OF THIS DISPENSATION. The Grace of our Lord Jesus be upon you. Yes, we possess this precious treasure, the divine Light of the Gospel in frail human vessels, but we do not speak according to our human weakness rather through faith which is God’s guarantee in advance, “the title deed of things hoped for”. Amen.

Currently I find myself in State Correctional Institute at Dallas, but am guided by freedom and keep company with Liberty, for who The Son sets free is free indeed. Enjoy your blessings beloved. 

By Alexis Rodriguez

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