Out The Box, by David Lahoz

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No longer confined to mind
as 1 climb to my rise, by HIS shine
leaving what is left of me behind
for that box tried to keep me down
chasing to out fox a snake in the devils playground
while all along he laughed at me being his personal clown
Now he frowns as I grow to love, being GODS LOVE
for HE is L.O.V.E •••• endlessly bound
Growing to love HIM,·· I adore Him and praise Him in song
singing by way of what is written in Psalms
HIS angels even celebrate, clap their wings & sing along
As the holy ghost fills us to stand & dance
my souls glow is truly enhanced
by HIS glorifying words that puts me in a trance
like state, for in praise I give thanks
for every breath, you allow me to take
can you truly imagine, how beautiful is THIS MAN
on HIS throne sitting in heaven, the highest of one’s place
fashioned in flesh, a vision ever so great
See, being in this box, once confined, does not define
who I am, or where I was once headed
In that box I was once of the faithless,
a wasted/tasteless seed. existing faceless in sin and greed
In that box, darkness took over and limits lived
But now I am of the faithful, fruitful and live to give
to give, giving back to those who lack, HIS truth & facts
with the whispers of satan weighing on their backs
I have the power by him ever so right
and by his power and vil1 I strike to ignite
for he is the ALMIGHTY ONE CHRIST in might
The lamp under my feet, my enduring guiding light

In that box, I once was, shackled & handcuffed
I couldn’t breathe or even budge
So I stayed with a chip on my shoulder
To HIM my shoulders I shrugged,
Cursing those and having a grudge
But now I am loose, with my arms I stretch out
In praise, for I am now saved, this I chant about
For Christ has set me free, look at me, I am born anew
By His Love, Word and Life, being the Light
He died to rise, for me and you
So now I live and forgive in His truth
In faith I give and trust in God,
For He is the One, who makes it do what it do
No longer a victim of this box
The devil is he, who got played and out foxed
See, once I was in that box
Where gimmicks and limits gave me a life of sin
I look back to move forward, as I strive to righteously win
As the sun set deep, I am filled by His love from within
Outside this box I am so alive, I am no longer blind
By the signs showing destined for me to live
Like superman, with His sign of Hope he gives
Jesus Christ is the real deal, Amen, this He truly is
With me now is no maybe, or maybe to how I just might
Walk in the dark, worrying who turned off the light
For my freedom outside this box, is He as He gives
Showing me Him, as the sun shines ever so bright!

By David Lahoz, CE6446
SCI Dallas
1000 Follies Rd.
Dallas, PA 18612

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