“P.S. Tell Someone About My Love For You!” by Alexis Rodriguez

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Beloved Son,

I was thinking of you so I sent someone to tell you so. I know you’ve been struggling to remove certain impediments and understand exactly why so much discomfort. Come to me please, let us commune as one.

I want you to know that you are secure in my hand, and, because of my Only Son, now their is no condemnation for those who trust in His finished work on the cross. My Spirit works in cooperation with all things because you love me. You cannot be separated from my love, because I do not change, for I cannot. You are established, anointed, sealed for the day of my Son’s return, and will not perish. Right now you are hid in Christ Jesus and exalted at my right hand. As He is, so are you in this world. How can I convince you that my Son is alive and in perfect health? He has declared you innocent by rising from the dead, and on account of Him you are in right standing with Me. What do you think about this?

Furthermore, you are confident and complete because of the work I began in you. You are a citizen of heaven, and, under the administration of my Beloved, an ambassador of royal lineage, because your new birth is from my incorruptible seed. You have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind. The Enemy cannot touch you. So redirect yourself so that you may see according to faith and not physical sight. Lastly, it is not how you love me but how I have and will continually love you. My Apostle was right when he wrote, I am love.



P.S. Tell someone about my love for you.

By Alexis Rodriguez

EDITOR’S NOTE:  You are invited to write and encourage this Christian inmate–he would greatly welcome your card or letter.  You must use a plain white envelope–no stickers or metal attached–His name and DOC # must appear in the first line of the address, and there must be a return address on the top left of the envelope:  Alexis Rodriguez, BH6734, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Road, Dallas PA 18612


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