Parole for Lifers in PA

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History was made when The Honorable Jason Dawkins, State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 179th District rose to the floor of the General Assembly and introduced House Bill No. 2135, which if passed by the Pennsylvania legislature, would grant freedom to individuals sentenced to life imprisonment who have served 15 years of their sentence.

If any of your family or friends have received life sentences, especially if they were sentenced as Juveniles, I urge you to consider supporting this legislation.  Many inmates who made a terrible mistake at one time in their lives deserve a second chance, and this legislation seeks to provide such an opportunity to worthy individuals.

The Parole Board would be given the Power to Parole and inmate when:

(i) The best interests of the inmate justify or require that the inmate be paroled.

(ii) It does not appear that the interests of the Commonwealth will be injured by the inmate’s parole.

(3) The power to parole granted under this section to the board may not be exercised in the board’s discretion at any time before, but only after[,]:

(i) the expiration of the minimum term of imprisonment fixed by the court in its sentence or by the

Board of Pardons in a sentence which has been reduced by commutation[.]; or

(ii) fifteen years, in the case of an inmate

sentenced to life imprisonment. Notwithstanding the date

of conviction and notwithstanding any other provision of

this title or other statute, any person serving a life

sentence under the laws of this Commonwealth may be

eligible for parole review after serving 15 years of imprisonment.



The Honorable Stewart Greenleaf, Chairman Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee, Tele: 800-924-3300 or 215-657-7700.

The Honorable Scott Wagner Chairman, Pennsylvania Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee, Tele: 717-846-2828.

For further information about Pennsylvania House Bill 2135, Please visit the following

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