Parole for Worthy ‘lifers’in PA, By Rick DiLaurenzo

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Senator Sharif Street has sponsored SB942. If passed, it would allow some worthy “Lifers” in Pennsylvania at least a chance at a parole hearing.  The letter below can be found on the website www.PassSB942. and you can easily sign to support it in less than one minute!

Dear [Senator or Representative],

I am writing to you today to pledge my support for Senate Bill 942, introduced by state Senator Sharif Street, which allows those serving life without parole, after serving a reasonable amount of time, a chance to approach the Parole Board to explore the possibility of release.

All life sentences in Pennsylvania are imposed without the possibility of parole. Individuals sentenced to life imprisonment may not be considered for parole, no matter how much they have reformed themselves and no matter how unlikely they are to re-offend. This includes those serving life under a felony murder charge who may have had no knowledge of the crime nor were they directly responsible for anyone’s death; incredibly the actual murderer in some instances are eventually released while they will eventually die behind bars. The aging population or lifers, those ill or elderly who pose little to no risk to the public, cost us well over $70,000 a year. Not only is this a betrayal of the espoused virtues of redemption for a model inmate but creates an avoidable expense for the corrections system – and we, the taxpayers, who fund it – by incarcerating individuals longer than necessary.

We call on you to allow these individuals a chance at redemption.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  There are too many men in PA serving “Life Without Parole” for crimes committed before the age of 25.  Many of these men made bad mistakes a teens and never got a second chance, even after serving decades for their crime… No other country in the world sentences their youth to Life Without Parole, and PA has passed this sentence on more men than almost any other state!  Time is long overdue to correct this tragic over-sentencing.  Visit today.  Let your voice of reason and compassion be counted!  Sign the letter supporting passage and share this opportunity with your family and friends!  Thank You!

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